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Multi-screen display featuring Infini-D Learning platform elements: data dashboard, immersive gameplay, teacher resources, and mission library.

Anatomy of a mission


Introduce the scenario and spark collaboration


Mission: We strive to kick off every experience with a series of collaborative activities to show students: (1) they are in control, (2) there are consequences, (3) they have to work together.


  • Undock from the station
  • Navigate an asteroid field
  • Repair the ship

Collect and analyze data to brainstorm possible solutions


Mission: Every scenario is a complex problem that cannot be solved by a single piece of data. Students must work together to analyze various sources of information.



  • Historical data
  • Models/simulations
  • Graphs/charts
  • Character testimonials

Choose the best course of action or implement your own solution


Mission: Each experience progressed dynamically based on the choices or solutions students come up with.



  • Identify reason for ecosystem collapse
  • Choose best method of treatment
  • Engineer a solution to stop a tidal wave

Evaluate and learn from the experience


Mission: Each experience provides an objective snapshot of how well each student demonstrated proficiency within the areas we believe most important for their future success.



  • Knowledge & Application
  • Collaboration & Critical Thinking
  • Initiative & Resilience


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