We turn computer labs and mobile carts into spaceships, shrink-rays, and time machines

With minimal hardware additions, and our proprietary software integration, any existing computer lab or mobile cart can be transformed into a curriculum enhancement tool like no other. This turns everyday lessons into a culminating event by allowing students to apply what they are learning in class.

All experiences are student-driven, do not remove or burden the teacher, are curriculum tied, and adapt to the needs of the students. Venture through space, debate in ancient Greece, explore the human body, and so much more!

Explore what makes an INFINI D Lab special

teacher resources

Our guiding philosophy is that we believe in the greatness of teachers. We have seen a lot of programs that remove the teacher and try to do their job for them. We think that’s dumb. We’ve never seen anything that can outperform a quality student/teacher relationship. Our goal is to be a powerful resource for the teacher that makes everything they do more powerful and impacting.

We have created an online resource where teachers can make sure to get the most out of every mission experience. It is called the Infini-D Dashboard, and with this resource you can:

  • Browse missions by grade and curriculum standard
  • Upload and customize classes
  • Make unique role assignments for each mission
  • Customize game-based curriculum the students will encounter
  • Review analytics on student performance

Just imagine getting to start each unit with the phrase, “you need to know this in order to survive your mission.” If that thought makes you smile, we definitely need to be friends.

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student interface

One of greatest factors in a student’s long term success is whether or not they actually care about what they are learning. Fewer things excite a teacher more than when a student shows genuine interest and engagement. Not only does the Infini-D Lab give the students an exciting purpose behind every lesson, but it is also carefully crafted to deeply engage and excite the student through their interactions with the game components of each mission.

There are 30+ unique roles that the students can fill as they work together on their missions. These roles will encourage the students to collaborate as they collect and analyze data, maintain the systems on their ship, and find solutions to the various problems they encounter. For example, if students miss a series of questions, their “health” will drop until their stations lock out and indicate that they are in need of medical attention. The students that make up the medical team must then come over and “revive” the students by completing a series of curricular tasks.

These types of complex interactions are common in every mission, and are incredibly effective at giving students an unmatched opportunity to gain experience in critical 21st-century skills while simultaneously testing their curricular mastery.

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immersive stem hardware

The goal is to not only create a setting that completely immerses the students in their adventure, but also create multiple multi-sensory connections to the subject matter. This is not just a light that gets students excited, it is a fully automated audio-visual experience. When students are collecting data they can hear the sound of the systems they are using and see the effects it is having around them. When things go badly (heaven forbid!) the lights will turn red, alarms will sound, and explosions may even be heard as the lights shake and shudder. All this is accomplished with the use of an easy-to-use module that we have engineered to rest on a cart, or attach to a projector.

In addition to the environmental stimuli, we also provide a top-of-the-line voice changer and microphone. This allows teachers to not only interact with the students during their mission, but also play the various characters they encounter. Trust us, students will act very differently when they have to have a real conversation with a disgruntled alien with a deep booming voice.

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student outcomes

We believe that positive short-term gains in scores are only the first step. The most meaningful short term improvements are those that lead to lasting attainment of knowledge, skills, and habits. We build everything to target these attainments – these “Enduring Outcomes.”  

Focusing on each student’s potential forces us to consider who the student is becoming (what they know, how they think, what excites them, and social/emotional/career skills). Building in this way allows us to actively create moments where students eyes light up and they deeply learn.

  • 97% of teachers reported improvement in 21st century skills
  • 95% of teachers reported boost in student confidence and initiative
  • 83% of teachers reported students being more willing to try new things
  • 97% of teachers reported boost in student interest in STEM
  • 90% of teachers reported increase in student excitement for school
  • 74% of teachers reported impact on test scores
  • 78% of teachers reported better retention

It is rare to get these kinds of positive results from a pilot program, and we can’t wait to see what more we can accomplish with your help!

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Supported by the National Science Foundation