Unlock the Future

At Infini-D Learning, we believe in the power of immersive and collaborative experiences that inspire students to discover their full potential. Our mission is to revolutionize STEM education by providing a dynamic, real-world platform that fosters authentic collaboration, problem-solving, and engagement, unlocking the future of education.

Our Journey

In 2018, fueled by a National Science Foundation award, we embarked on a quest to create an online program to help students develop essential 21st-century skills through interactive group STEM simulations. A groundbreaking educational platform emerged, where each mission presents a high-stakes scenario requiring students to collaborate and apply targeted science, math, and engineering concepts to find solutions.

Illustration of a spaceship elementary STEM learners use on a futuristic launchpad
The futuristic vessel students use during STEM missions approaching a microscopic virus

Our Impact

Today, Infini-D Learning is trusted by over 500 schools nationwide. Our award-winning platform has garnered rave reviews for its ability to create meaningful real-life application experiences, provide robust performance data, and offer hyper-engaging gameplay – all with just a push of a button.

In a recent user survey with over 200 respondents, 97% of teachers reported a boost in student interest in STEM and improvement in 21st-century skills, 93% observed increased student excitement for school, and 78% experienced better retention of subject material.

Our Commitment

Infini-D Learning is dedicated to providing transformative educational experiences that empower teachers and students to push boundaries, explore new possibilities, and foster a lifelong love for learning. We continue to develop new missions centered around national and state science, math, and ELA standards, ensuring our platform remains an invaluable resource for schools across the nation.

Join us as we boldly challenge isolation, busy work, and boredom in the pursuit of unlocking the future of education. Discover the Infini-D Learning difference today.

Young girl standing heroically on a ledge in front of the futuristic vessel the students use during science missions

Our diehard teacher’s pets

Abdou Bouam

Crayon Connoisseur
(3D Artist)

Alex Wilson

Guardian of Inside Recess
(Software Engineer)

Austin Neilsen

Connoisseur of Building Blocks
(Audio/Mission Engineer)

Braysen Goodwin

Receiver of Gold Stars
(Software Engineer)

Cameron Wilson

Head Librarian
(Director of Educational Development)

Conner Thompson

Class Doodler in Chief

Carson Thompson

Lead Finger Painter
(Concept Artist)

Katy Voeks

Head of Bake Sales

Kendrick Gines

Head of Custodial Services
(Graphic Artist)

Mairen Haruch

Beautification Committee
(Elementary Education Spec.)

Orsi Szecsi

Head Guidance Counselor
(Customer Success)

Brooks Heder

Head Lunch Lady

Casey Voeks

Keeper of the Hall Pass

Danny Harding

Line Leader

Skyler Carr

Chief Handraiser

Turn your classroom into a spaceship, shrink ray, or time machine.