Unlock the Future

At Infini-D Learning, we're not just tweaking the knobs of STEM education—we're smashing the control panel. Forget about snooze-fest lectures and yawn-inducing worksheets; we're in the business of crafting student-led, save-the-universe missions. Authentic collaboration and real-world problem-solving are baked into our DNA, not just slapped on as extra credit. This is the new frontier of education, where even daydreamers and doodlers find themselves as starship captains and time-traveling heroes.

Our Journey

In 2018, armed with a National Science Foundation award and the audacity to turn a gym's ball closet into a spaceship simulator, we started an educational experiment that made lab rats of us all. Fast-forward to 2020, and boom! What began as a daring classroom caper is now a public sensation—no longer just an experiment, but a full-blown educational rebellion, tearing through schools like wildfire.

Illustration of a spaceship elementary STEM learners use on a futuristic launchpad
The futuristic vessel students use during STEM missions approaching a microscopic virus

Our Impact

Today, Infini-D Learning isn't just an upstart; we're the rockstars of ed-tech, jamming out in over 400 schools across the nation. With one push of a button, we serve up a triple-shot of real-world application, high-octane engagement, and performance data so robust it could bench press your textbook.

As for proof in the pudding? Our recent user survey had educators buzzing louder than a high school rumor mill. A staggering 97% saw their students turn into STEM fanatics, 93% reported a spike in classroom enthusiasm, and 78% noted that, yes, the kids are actually better at remembering what they've learned. Welcome to the educational arena where we're setting records and taking names.

Our Commitment

Look, we're not here to slap a new coat of paint on the one-room schoolhouse. Infini-D Learning is in the business of educational upheaval—empowering teachers to unleash their inner revolutionary and turning students into tomorrow's problem-solvers today. Our ever-expanding mission roster isn't just aligned with state and national standards; it's making those standards sit up and take notes.

So, ready to flip the script on drudgery, isolation, and classroom comas? Join us in our quest to blow the lid off 'business as usual' and crack open the future of education. Get ready to experience the Infini-D difference and turn the humdrum into the extraordinary.

Young girl standing heroically on a ledge in front of the futuristic vessel the students use during science missions

Our diehard teacher’s pets

Abdou Bouam

Crayon Connoisseur
(3D Artist)

Alex Wilson

Guardian of Inside Recess
(Software Engineer)

Austin Nielsen

Connoisseur of Building Blocks
(Audio/Mission Engineer)

Braysen Goodwin

Receiver of Gold Stars
(Software Engineer)

Cameron Wilson

Head Librarian
(Director of Educational Development)

Conner Thompson

Class Doodler in Chief

Carson Thompson

Lead Finger Painter
(Concept Artist)

Katy Voeks

Head of Bake Sales

Kendrick Gines

Head of Custodial Services
(Graphic Artist)

Mairen Haruch

Beautification Committee
(Product Manager)

Orsi Szecsi

Head Guidance Counselor
(Director of Customer Success)

Brooks Heder

Head Lunch Lady

Casey Voeks

Keeper of the Hall Pass

Danny Harding

Line Leader

Skyler Carr

Chief Handraiser

Turn your classroom into a spaceship, shrink ray, or time machine.