Getting an Infini D Lab in your school costs way less than you might think. There are no limits on usage. There are no hidden costs.

InfiniD TechINFINI D tech upgrades

The average cost for turning an existing computer lab or mobile cart into an INFINI D Lab is a one-time purchase that is on average around $1500. We want to use as much existing tech as possible – which is why occasionally there are schools that end up costing absolutely nothing. We will work with you to go through what you have on site that can be used, and if additional purchases are necessary they are always done at our cost.

InfiniD TrainingSetup and Training

The average cost for getting things up and running is between $0 – $1200. Teachers will have access to our online course to learn how to get the most out of the INFINI D Lab without making drastic changes to their existing lesson plans. Training and implementation are flexible and built around your school’s usage plan. We want to shape everything we provide around your objectives, not the other way around.

InfiniD LicensingLicensing

Licensing costs start at only $450 per class. This means that whatever class you include in your license gets unlimited access to our library and software. For your classes that are not yet licensed, as long as you have at least one active classroom license, all the other classes get one free “field trip” each year. If you are convinced all your classes need this, we have site and multi-site licenses available to help bring the cost down even more.


Infini D Lab