Mission ControlMission Control

Grade Levels: Kindergarten – 9th grade

Focus: S.T.E.M., teamwork, leadership, critical thinking, problem solving

Requirements: InfiniD Lab tech upgrades to computer lab

Availability: Included with Infini D Lab license

You hear an explosion, but you’re not concerned because you know your classmate added extra power to the shielding systems. The ship is damaged, but should endure the asteroid field long enough to complete the mission. A message comes through communications indicating that the planet is ready to receive your data readings – data readings that will help avoid an interstellar catastrophe. You check with your classmate running the sensor station, but the array was damaged and the data is incomplete. Fortunately, each of your crew members and fellow classmates is prepared. You reviewed in class how to find a missing variable and quickly break up into teams to find the missing data before it’s too late. With the equations completed, the student running communications enters the completed data readings and relays the information to the planet. The red lights go dark, and suddenly there is a flash as the glowing fluorescents of the school’s computer lab come back on. You are brought back to reality.

The immersive simulations of Mission Control take place on a futuristic spaceship. Students each receive a unique role that makes up part of a command crew that must work together to complete each mission. Each mission is built around the application of curriculum standards that are covered in class. Student engagement dramatically increases when they realize that the subjects they are learning are not only interesting and relevant, but also often a matter of life and death.