Leadership SummitLeadership Summit

Grades: 5th – 12th

Focus: Social studies, language arts, writing, debate, geography

Requirements: No tech upgrades required

Availability: In development for 2018

You believe the secret messages sent to the delegation from Germany had the desired impact. Their scheduled speech was much different than expected, and allowed the drafted resolution to be brought to a vote. All that needs to happen now is to wait for the vote timer to expire to see if the resolution can be ratified without further amendment. It is now obvious how important the time spent in class learning about each country’s background was to finding this favorable compromise. 

The immersive simulations of Leadership Summit can take place in any time period. Consider it a debate floor that can double as a time machine. Students can debate in ancient Greece representing the different city-states, argue the merits of civil war during the 19th century, or act as representatives from the modern United Nations. Each student can represent their own country or be easily added to a group. Each simulation allows students to schedule speeches, draft resolutions, request and record votes, and even send messages to other class members.