Lab conversion before

Lab conversion after

When you purchase an Infini D Lab you are getting more than just a box of incredible hardware – you are getting an experience. It is our belief that every student has the ability within them to excel in their education. Unfortunately, the education students are receiving, however excellent it may be, is not sticking. Our experience has shown us that by allowing students to experience the subject matter, see how it is applied, and have fun doing it, you massively increase their engagement and interest. By simply increasing the engagement factor, the lessons we throw at them have a much greater chance of actually sinking in for more students.

This is why we embrace technology. This is why we pursue the dramatic.

Hardware included in your package:

  • DMX LIGHTING SYSTEM:lab upgradesThis is a specially designed lighting system that quickly connects to the ceiling track in your lab. Its purpose? When students incorrectly calculate the trajectory of their flight and crash into a rogue asteroid the lights should definitely flash and shake.
  • VOICE CHANGER: A simple modulator box with vocal presets to be used by the instructor. Its purpose? When students encounter an alien on their journey that is oppressing the citizens of a nearby planet, they will need to stand up and articulate why that is wrong – even if the alien’s voice is big and booming.
  • AUDIO INTEGRATION: This will either be a system to integrate into an existing sound system, or our mounted speaker package. Its purpose? When the students have 60 seconds to solve the problem before their oxygen generators go out, there will naturally be red lights and alarms blaring to let them know how serious the situation is.

Software and content included in your package:

  • STATION CONTROLS: Every student that takes part in the mission gets assigned a unique role. This can take the form of Captain, Pilot, Security, Science, and many more. The software is designed to communicate in real time between the roles so that students have to coordinate and work together. For example, if the engineer doesn’t give enough power to the engines, the pilot won’t be able to steer the ship.
  • VIEWSCREEN CONTROL: science applicationThis is the software used to show the students what is going on outside their ship, data needed to solve a given problem, and any other needed information to navigate the mission. This will typically display to the projector or TV that all the students can see.
  • MISSION PREP MATERIALS: teacher resourcesThis is content produced for both teachers and students. This takes the form of curriculum summaries for teachers to integrate into their lessons, a prep website for students to train for their roles, and briefing videos to be shown before each mission.


Types of experiences you can have in and out of the Infini D Lab

Mission Control

Eco Sphere

Leadership Summit

Data Base