Eco SpereEco Spere

Grade Levels: K-9

Focus: Biology, anatomy, earth systems, S.T.E.M.

Requirements: InfiniD Lab tech upgrades to computer lab

Availability: Included with Infini D Lab license

The bacteria is spreading faster than you originally predicted. You and your fellow classmates are now stuck somewhere in the femoral vein of the patient you were asked to treat. Your ship’s systems are functioning properly, but you don’t have much time before the patient is completely overcome by the aggressive bacteria. Fortunately, you were able to review communicable diseases and the reproductive nature of cells, so your team quickly set to work to figure out how to quickly spread healthy cells through the body armed with antibodies to fight the spread of the disease. 

The immersive simulations of Eco Sphere take place on a specially equipped shrink-craft that is capable of exploring the human body, Earth’s mysteries, and many of the unseen wonders of the world. Students each receive a unique role that makes up part of a command crew that must work together to complete each mission. Each mission is built around the application of curriculum standards that are covered in class. Student engagement dramatically increases when they realize that the subjects they are learning are not only interesting and relevant, but also often a matter of life and death.