Canvas Integration

Infini-D Learning now offers an integration with Canvas, making it easier than ever to import classes and access the missions library. Note, only Canvas admins have the ability to integrate Infini-D Learning with their Canvas account in the district.



Click here to download the complete Canvas integration guide.

1. Login to your Canvas account as an administrator and visit Admin -> Site Admin -> Developer Keys -> +Developer Key -> +LTI Key.


2. You will see a menu with several required fields. Under Method choose Enter URL.

3. Enter the following information into the required fields.
a. Key Name: Infini-D Learning
b. Owner Email:
d. Redirect URIs: nothing, will be populated automatically
e. Notes: Optional-Any notes you may want to enter here.


4. Make sure the state of the tool is set to ON.

5. Copy the Client ID value in the Details column of your new key for the next steps.


6. Navigate to Settings -> Apps -> View App Configurations -> + App
a. Choose Configuration Type By Client ID
b. Enter the Client ID of the Developer Key (from the previous step)
c. Click Submit, then Install

7. Please make sure to provide Infini-D Learning with the same Client ID and your canvas URL (something like "")
a. Email your Client ID and URL to the following email address:


Need Assistance?
If you have any questions about how to set up LTI integration, don't hesitate to contact us by email ( or send us a chat!