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Spaceship Holodeck Programmer Needed (Seriously)

We are InfiniD Learning, and we build spaceships, shrink-rays, and time machines to fix education, and we are looking to hire a Sr Developer to accelerate our growth.

We hope this announcement finds its way to those that have an overdeveloped nerdy side along with a desire to fix education with us. At InfiniD Learning we believe that simply giving a student a reason to care about what they are learning can have a bigger impact than anything else. Fortunately, that’s what we’re the best at. You may have seen our technology in action at one of the Space Centers in Utah Valley. We develop curriculum based, educational experiences and plug them into our simulation platform for the students to apply what they are learning in the classroom. It’s amazing to see how much a student cares about math (or history, or science) when the lesson is prefaced with “you are going need to know this or you probably won’t survive.”

This program has evolved a lot over the years. Over two decades as a field trip center (where you may or may not have gone as a 6th grader), half a decade as a piloted in-school center, and now the last year as a classroom and computer lab enhancement package. The last one is where we’ve nailed it – an InfiniD Lab in every school means the autocratic rule of bubble-sheet testing will finally die.

In less than a year, InfiniD (inifni-dee) has been purchased and setup in over 20 Utah schools and adding more every week (strictly Utah focused right now, but leaving the nest this year) and has completed “missions” for every science standard for grades K-9. The goal is to build upon the current software and technology base until it allows for meaningful application experiences in and out of the classroom for every standard K-12. The most meaningful experience students have applying their knowledge shouldn’t be on a bubble sheet.

So far the development of the control interface, curriculum deployment, and database features has been performed through contract relationships. Things are now moving way too fast for that to keep happening. Our bread and butter has been in experience design and animation, which has allowed for this hire to be delayed as long as it has, but there is no way we are going another year without killing it in the software as well.


Sr Developer (although you are expected to come up with your own title)


Based on competitive market rate with equity options


  • You get to build controls for spaceships, shrink rays, and time machines… a bit more interesting than surveys and dashboards (*burn*).
  • This has been blowing up in Utah, which is consistently dead last in the nation for per student funding. You’re apparently not supposed to succeed in Utah. We didn’t know that. That means this year’s move to the national platform will apparently be the bomb.
  • You will be allowed to build your own team over time. There ain’t no time to micromanage, so we will collaborate a ton, but you get to own your path.
  • You get to pretend blow kids up. Seriously, if the students don’t work hard enough in class, they usually end up dying horrifically in some manner. We are proud to have the highest fictional student death rate of any company in the nation.
  • Interim CTO until someone internally grows into that role (*hint hint*) is Dave Moon – Former CTO Wordperfect, CIO State of Utah, Chairman Board of Directors & Veracity Networks


Our primary goal is that you fit the culture – we make learning fun and like to have fun doing it. If you are a great fit, but have to put some extra work in to get up to speed on something we won’t judge (although we may tease).

You will currently find everything written in C, C++, Java, Javascript, HTML, Livecode, Python, and SQL, so the more experience you have with each the better. Knowledge of database design and coding highly desirable. Project management and testing skills and experience also desirable.

So dazzle us with your mad coding skills. Demand that we follow up with your references so we get to know the real you. Show us that you’ve got what it takes to build the next educational simulations that take students out of “bubble-sheet world” and into a magical place where learning is infinite.

Have What It Takes? Apply Here.