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Software Engineer

We are looking for a software engineer to help build a scalable web based learning program to be put in schools throughout the United States. It will facilitate simulated experiences that will allow students to experience and apply the concepts they are learning in class. We are a small startup with tons of ideas, lots of traction, and are looking for someone that loves building great code and shares our vision. As an InfiniD Learning software engineer, you would be responsible for architecting major new features and portions of our system. The ideal candidate is someone who is excited by owning a large portion of product direction and program architecture, and is confident in making user centered design decisions.

InfiniD Learning is an education technology company trying to change education and the impact it has on children’s lives. Our core belief is that if a student has a reason to care about what they are learning, it will have a greater impact than anything else. So far, we’re really good at it, and we know there are others out there that will help us be even better. We are looking for bright programmers who share our interest in increasing kids’ desire to learn. We recently received significant funding from the National Science Foundation, and are looking to fill various roles all centered around development.

A strong candidate should feel comfortable demonstrating success in these areas:

  • Understanding computer networking, including the role of APIs and their importance
  • Working knowledge in deploying/updating a web server
  • Building large flexible software systems from scratch
  • Strong analytical & debugging skills
  • Excellent communication skills – we use DaPulse, Ryver (a Slack alternative), and GitLab to coordinate our development, so written communication skills are a must
  • Interest in professional development and career growth
  • A commitment to writing clear, maintainable code using language idioms and best practices

Our development process:

We use the agile development process to keep track of our goals and plans. Team collaboration is very important to us, and we make sure each member of the team has the resources they need to accomplish their goals. We also encourage autonomy, so you will feel the freedom to work on your projects without getting too bogged down in process or unnecessary meetings. We value accomplishments, not time-in-office, so we try to optimize our process around allowing flexibility and personal accountability. We believe in families, so even though some projects may require a little extra from us, we never want it to be at the expense of our families. 


Based on competitive market rate


Our primary goal is that you can work hard and add value to our growing team. If you are a great fit, but have to put some extra work in to get up to speed on something, that’s alright. We’re more interested in strong programmers and learners than people who may have worked with a specific language or framework. Our company is centered around learning, and that extends to our employees; we are happy to help you learn any technology you need to get up to speed.

That said, the program our schools use for their students is a web based application, and any web dev knowledge will help hit the ground running, especially Node.js and/or knowledge of a modern JavaScript framework such as React, Angular, or Vue.js. We also have a native desktop application written in Java/JavaFX. Other general programming knowledge, such as database design and technologies, project management, and testing skills are also desirable.

Technologies we use and like:

  • React
  • Node
  • Git
  • MongoDB
  • MySQL
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Java/JavaFX

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