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We take ordinary computer labs and make them extraordinary

With minimal hardware additions, and our proprietary software integration, any existing computer lab can be transformed into a curriculum enhancement tool like no other. Why? To help make students care! We strongly believe that nothing makes a bigger impact than simply helping a student care about what they are learning.

All experiences are student driven, do not remove or burden the teacher, are curriculum tied, and adapt to the needs of the students. Venture through space, debate in ancient Greece, explore the human body, and so much more!

Explore the modules that can power your INFINI D Lab


INFINI D Mission Control focuses on the creative problem solving that is the heart of the critical S.T.E.M subjects. Climb aboard a futuristic starship, where everyone has their own role, and explore the galaxy with your peers.

Use math and science skills to safely navigate and calculate your way through the many possible hazards that will arise.

Sample Scenarios:

  • Assist the first colonizers of new planets select the planets that are safe to inhabit.
  • Navigate a modern day shuttle through an historical flight while simultaneously performing the experiments you have been tasked with.
  • Establish contact with a damaged space station to warn them of incoming asteroids and relay calculated flight paths.
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INFINI D Leadership Summit allows students to lead their way through the greatest historical debates of our time. Students team up to represent the countries coming together for the United Nations Summit, League of Nations, Continental Congress, and more.

Use the technology to streamline information gathering, voting, and speech planning to maximize the experience.

Sample Scenarios:

  • Re-live the pivotal gathering of the Continental Congress by taking on the role of historical figures. Students can work to follow the historical decisions that were made or rewrite their own history and explore the consequences of those decisions.
  • Students take on leadership roles as generals in the Civil War. Allow the students to see and feel the difficult decisions that were made leading up to today.
  • Take on a modern debate dealing with current issues as you represent respective countries around the world.
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INFINI D Eco Sphere brings the invisible and hidden aspects of the world around us to life. Interact with living parts of this amazing world which were traditionally only accessible through textbooks.

Shrink down into the human body to fight back against a dangerous bacterial infection. Navigate through the anatomical highways as the crew works together to keep the patient alive and pinpoint the damage.

Sample Scenarios:

  • Dive deep into the ocean in search of hidden life in the deepest, darkest, and coldest places on earth.
  • Investigate a crime scene at the microscopic level by identifying the different cellular clues that will lead to answers.
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INFINI D Data Base allows students to apply what they are learning in their coding and robotics activities in an exciting and realistic way much sooner than they would otherwise. The majority of the technical knowledge gained from these courses isn’t applicable until the student enters the workplace, which by then is often outdated knowledge.

Sample scenarios:

  • Join a covert team that is tasked with relaying a secret message across the school through the use of hidden web scripts, small-scale data transfers through existing networks, and even printing through wireless printable interfaces.
  • Explore the surface of a distant planet through the use of robots with built in camera feeds to find a habitable zone for colonists to settle.
  • Lead a modern day crisis management team in helping reroute power to bring the lights back on for displaced citizens.
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“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

Benjamin Franklin